Water Conservation

Water control is key for anyone who has plants. When you grow over 3 million of them just north of the only desert in Canada, water control is critical. At Bylands, we take great pride in our company effort to use as little of this precious resource as possible. We have been employing the latest in water reduction methods for the past twenty years. In 1993, Bylands Nurseries Ltd. was the first nursery in British Columbia to recycle water to reduce our water consumption. Since that time, we have added two additional reclamation ponds that allow our nursery to reuse up to one-third of the water we consume.
Over several years, we have been investing significantly into our watering technique practices and irrigation. Through irrigation audits and investing in the latest drip irrigation technology, we are proactively ensuring our irrigation runs as efficiently as possible.

Our concept as growers also reflects our commitment to water conservation. Simply put, we grow our plants as dry as we can without sacrificing the quality or health of each specimen. Not only is this environmentally responsible, but it also helps to reduce disease or pest problems within plants.