Chameleon Plant - Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon'

Chameleon Plant grows best in full sun to partial shade, which gives the best range of bright foliage coloration of red, bronze, cream and yellow that contrast well with the green leaf blade. Overall vigor is often best in more shaded areas, where the foliage color fades to greens and maroons. Best overall performance occurs in partial sun in continuously moist, well-drained soils of average fertility, but it is quite tolerant of wet sites (including aquatic gardens) and is adaptable to poor, compacted, and/or dry soils. Inconspicuous white flowers appear in June and July and are often lost amongst the showy leaf variegation. Native to Japan, Southeast Asia and the Himalayas.

Water Needs: 
Foliage Color: 
Landscape Uses: 
Ground Cover
Wet Areas
Garden Styles: 
Light Needs: 
Partial Sun/Shade
Plant Types: 
Flower Colors: 
Flower Seasons: 
Special Features: 
Attractive Foliage
Rabbit Resistant
Growth Habits: 
Ground Cover
Cold Hardiness: 
Zone 5
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Chameleon Plant is propagated by crown division, or lifting and division of the underground rhizomes. Virtually no disease or pest problems. Due to its invasiveness, the best cultural practices to contain its spread are to place it in a restricted root zone area (of about 1' deep), such as that bounded by a sidewalk and foundation, or by planting it in a large, wide pot with minimal drainage holes, and planting the pot in the landscape. Non-variegated foliage reversions should be immediately removed by digging up that particular stem and crown, to prevent it from predominating with its greater vigor.


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