Vines are plants that have a trailing, running or climbing growth habit. They are very adaptable and can be used to grow against buildings, trellises or even on other plants like trees. Vines are typically deciduous, but there are varieties that maintain their leaves year round.

A revolutionary breakthrough in bittersweet culture. Imagine never having to wonder if you're buying or selling a male or female plant again. The majority of the flowers formed on Autumn Revolution™ are perfect, meaning that the flower itself has both male and female parts. In other words, you only need one plant to bear fruit. Perhaps because of this unique characteristic the fruit production is absolutely extraordinary and the berry size is twice that of the species. Truly an extraordinary improvement for this beloved native vine. Drought tolerant once established. Attracts birds.

This large-flowering, hybrid clematis cultivar features profuse, 4-6" across, rose pink flowers with creamy yellow stamens. Bloom comes from the current season's growth and appears in a long, continuous summer display. One of the most popular of the pink clematis.

'Rouge Cardinal' is a deciduous, large-flowering, semi-woody climbing clematis vine (Jackman group) which typically grows 8-12' and features red flowers (4-6" diameter) with brownish-yellow stamens. Blunt, recurving sepals. Profuse summer bloom. Simple to trifoliate medium green foliage darkens as the summer progresses. Synonymous with and sometimes sold as 'Red Cardinal'.

A deciduous vine with 6-12" long racemes of fragrant, pea-like, lavender blue flowers that start blooming in June. Velvety, bean-like seed pods add to winter interest. Ideal for arching over gateways and entries or along top of a well. Plant in Full Sun.

Sweet Tea Honeysuckle has fragrant flowers that are light yellow and white, and bloom all summer long. Suitable for smaller gardens and patio containers. Heat-tolerant and attracts hummingbirds.

Peaches and Cream Honeysuckle is an exciting new introduction. This compact, carefree Honeysuckle blooms non-stop from spring through late summer. Purple buds open to vibrant, two-toned flowers in dark pink and white, maturing to peachy cream provide amazing impact and exceptional fragrance. To top it off, this improved variety tolerates heat, drought and humidity with good mildew resistance. The perfect plant for dressing up a fence, lamp post, arbor or trellis, requiring only mild support.

Joe Zary Clematis has soft lavender double flowers that darken to violet-purple. The nodding, star shaped flowers appear in May-June and then again in August. It blooms heavy on both old and new wood. Flowers are followed by showy seed heads. 

Red Wall™ (Proven Winners®) is especially selected to dress up those miles of stockade fence going up each year.  This native vine has dark green foliage that turns to fire-engine red in the fall; blue fruit in fall. This fast-growing and salt-tolerant native vine is the easiest way to create a colorful 'green' wall. 

Dark red buds open to orange-red trumpet-like flowers which deepen in color as they mature to an incredibly bold red. Tubular flowers are larger than the species measuring 3-4 inches long. A vigorous vine, it will climb on stone or woodwork. An outstanding vertical accent to add color to a sunny fence or wall.

Now everyone can grow clematis! Easy to grow and lots of flowers, that is the hallmark of Szczepan Marczynski's breeding. Pink Mink™ hits the mark head on with an abundance of bright pink-on-pink blooms from early summer to early fall.