Perennials are one of the most popular categories of plants today. Most perennials flower in spring or summer and grow each year from their roots. Perennials can last many years and are normally categorized as either shade or sun loving.

Fire Dance Red Hot Poker has slender arching foliage in an attractive mound that keeps the plant interesting both before and after bloom time. From the center spring the thick, substantial 3- to 4-foot flower stems, excellent for cutting and very sturdy. They are topped with densely-set, pendant tubular blooms that open from the bottom up, turning from chartreuse to yellow, orange, and finally scarlet, all with a bright yellow tip. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Expect the flowers to last for several weeks in July and August.

Delilah has unusual deep reddish-purple blooms atop dark green foliage. Maintains color and does not fade. Flowers begin to bloom in mid summer and continue for many weeks. One of the best phloxes for mildew resistance. The compact form makes it valuable for the small garden. 

Little Goldstar Coneflower is an introduction from Jelitto Seeds. It looks like Goldsturm, an all time favourite, but is much more compact growing, making it a great plant for containers as well as borders. It offers more blooms on a tighter. Lots of yellow daisy-like flowers surrounding a prominent brown cone that in winter, provide a healthy snack for birds. Flowers are great for fresh or dried floral bouquets and are very attractive to butterflies and bees in the summer. Drought tolrant once established. Unlicensed propagation prohibited.

'Twilight' is a hybrid coneflower in the Big Sky Series from Itsaul Nurseries in Atlanta, Georgia. It is an upright, free branching perennial that typically grows in a clump on sturdy stems that do not need staking. It is noted for its large, sweetly-fragrant coneflowers featuring downward arching deep rose-pink rays encircling a dark, burgundy-red center cone. Flowers bloom from late spring to later summer, sometimes with additional sporadic bloom until frost. Good fresh cut or dried flower.

Siloam Double Classic Daylily has outstanding fragrant peach trumpet-shaped flowers with yellow overtones and green throats at the ends of the stems in mid summer. Daylily flowers are excellent for cutting. It has gracefully arching foliage that remains green throughout the season. Part of Trophytaker Daylilies, a selection of the best 50 Daylilies in the world.

A striking dense clump of grassy foliage with upright stems of large ruffled wine-red flowers with a yellow throat. Blooms mid summer. Great in masses, border plantings or in Container. Drought tolerant once established. Attracts butterflies. A good cutflower.

Dense, dwarf clump of grassy foliage with upright stems of dark orange blooms with subtle red highlights and a yellow throat. Great in summer borders, Mass Planting or Container. Good but short lasting cut flower. Drought tolerant once established. Attracts butterflies.

Trophytaker® Daylilies must pass a stringent series of tests, proving themselves to be more beautiful, longer blooming, hardy, vigorous and pest resistant than average varieties. This selection features large (4 inch) soft creamy-yellow flowers with a violet eye and picotee edging. 

PowWow White Coneflower has white flowers from late spring to late summer and sometimes reblooms in the fall. It grows in an upright clump on sturdy, well-branched stems that do not need staking. Great cut flower or dried flower. The dead flower stems will remain erect well into the winter, and if flower heads are not removed, the blackened cones may be visited by goldfinches or other birds that feed on the seeds. Echinacea comes from the Greek word echinos meaning hedgehog in reference to the spiny center cone found on most flowers in the genus.

This lovely, compact perennial produces 4-6" wide, rose pink blooms from early summer through to fall. Bloom time is earlier than other varieties. Compact, well-branched habit. Great for in Container or in the perennial garden. Attracts butterflies.