Evergreens are the only plants to provide year long colour in the landscape. Overall, evergreens are low maintenance and are actively planted to help provide winter interest to your yard.

An outstanding weeping selection. Distinctive in its formal narrow conical shape, yet very pendulous with stiffly held downward hanging branches covered with light gray green needles. From Guelph, Ontario rediscovered and introduced by Iseli Nursery.

Fast growing native evergreen tree with broad pyramid shape. Blunt needles are light grey-green all year. Small numerous cones as plant matures. Very hardy. Good as a landscape specimen, in parks, shelterbelts or Mass Planting.

Dense compact branches form perfect cone shape. Good accent or formal planting. Slow growing. One of the most popular spruces used in the landscape. Use in mixed Container with flowers as a highlight centerpiece. Prune to create showy topiary effects.

Shapely Chrtistmas tree type evergreen that responses well to shearing. Good as a specimen for landscapes, parks, shelterbelts or in Mass Planting. Short blunt blue green needles all year. Soft new growth. Very hardy, great for the prairies.

Low growing broad compact evergreen with a mounding growth habit. Interesting dark green needles on dense branching. Excellent plant, well suited as a low informal hedge or foundation plant. New growth begins later than other dwarf varieties.

Attractive grafted evergreen conifer with pendulous branches. Dark green needled foliage and numerous woody cones. Height and width depend on training. Can be used as a groundcover or hanging over walls. Ideal specimen for a rock garden or border.

A dwarf evergreen with attractive irregular mounding shape. Sometimes sheared slightly to make a hardier Dwarf Alberta Spruce appearance. Interesting accent for the border or rock garden with soft green new growth. Adds good contrast with flowering shrubs.

Low growing evergreen with dense, flat topped branches. Concave centre resembles a bird's nest. A refreshing light green colour for the new growth in spring, sometimes again later in summer. Good for rock gardens or borders.

A compact, upright, form with dark green needles and large brown buds that are displayed above the thick branches. This variety has an irregular mounding habit. Growth rate is quite slow but accelerates as the plant matures.

An excellent dwarf evergreen with tiny rich green needles that form a dense mound shaped globe. New growth is very bright and soft. Dependable, slow growing specimen to mix into borders or in groups. A stunning accent for a rock garden.