Evergreens are the only plants to provide year long colour in the landscape. Overall, evergreens are low maintenance and are actively planted to help provide winter interest to your yard.

A very large hardy deciduous conifer with a pyramid-shaped crown that makes a good windbreak on large properties.

This is truly a majestic tree and needs some elbow room so don't plant it in a small corner. Winter tender at higher elevations.

A fast growing dense evergreen with soft needles and a pyramidal shaped tree. Dark green foliage. Best suited for parks, large settings or native reclamation sites. Commonly grown for cut Christmas trees.

Considered to be closely related to Mugho Pines, the same tough characteristics are true for Mountain Pine. Moderately fast growing evergreen developing into a broad pyramidal tree form. Dark green needles year round.

Hardy fast growing pine with broad pyramid shape. Bluish-green foliage. Attractive cinnamon-brown bark stands out as the tree matures and branches become spaced. Durable low maintenance plant. Useful in large landscapes, parks or shelterbelts. Seed grown.

A strong ground covering pine creating a beautiful spreading undulating look. Medium green needles turn to light green in winter. A unique specimen for large landscapes and cascading over walls or slopes. Selected by Hillside Gardens in Pennsylvania.

Popular pine with long twisting pendulous branches, irregular form with soft slender bluish green needles, white lines on the lower side. Could train when young to develop a central leader. An unusual accent in the landscape.

Globe shaped, even flat topped when mature, evergreen with bluish green needles year round. Attractive cinnamon-brown bark although it may not be seen if sheared to keep dense and from developing a leader. Ideal accent for the border or foundation planting.

A very formal tight rounded evergreen with soft bluish green needles with a white line on the lower side. One of the most popular dwarf pines. Great in the landscape for borders, rock gardens or foundation plantings.

Big fast growing pyramidal evergreen is a great choice for large landscapes. Long green needles in bunches of three. Cinnamon brown bark stands out as lower branches are removed as the tree matures. Ideal as windbreaks or in shelterbelt plantings.