Evergreens are the only plants to provide year long colour in the landscape. Overall, evergreens are low maintenance and are actively planted to help provide winter interest to your yard.

This is a slow growing, very narrow upright mugo pine, perfect for tight landscape spaces where a strong vertical accent is desired; compact columnar habit is open enough to reveal reddish orange bark. It produces small ornamental cones. Its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other landscape plants with less refined foliage. Great for use as accent plant or hedge.

Compact with bronze-gold permeating the plant retained through winter. Growing best in full sun, more open in partial shade. Useful for banks and berms. Tolerates alkaline soil and is quite drought-tolerant.

Dwarf flat top globe-shaped evergreen with dazzling silver-blue foliage. Best known dwarf blue spruce. Excellent accent to any landscape. To maintain globe or spreading shape, prune out any upright shoots. Sometimes topgrafted to create a small accent tree.

Tall pyramidal-shaped evergreen with sharp dark green to bluish pointed needles. Good as single specimen in landscapes, parks or in mass planting. Useful in shelterbelts. Very popular large spruce. Drought tolerant once established and is cold hardy.

Attractive narrowly pyramidal evergreen with dense, scale-like, blue-green foliage. A seed grown native plant. An extremely durable, drought tolerant selection. Ideal for specimen or screen. Shear yearly to give a more formal appearance.

Byland's Blue is a dwarf, very compact blue Colorado blue spruce that retains its globe-shape because of its multiple growing points resulting in a symmetrical form.  It has short, medium blue coloured needles and requires no pruning since it does not bolt into a single leader. The growth rate is slow (30% less than P. pungens ‘Globosa’) and consistent. Excellent accent evergreen for small spaces. Mature size is 1 x 1 metres. Zone 2.

This evergreen has a uniform dense rounded form of medium to dark green needles. Ideal for the rock garden, foundation plantings, border or in Mass Planting. No shearing required. A true dwarf type. An introduction by Iseli Nursery. Cutting grown.

The Excelsa Cedar are natural-looking, good-smelling, indigenous cedar trees, suitable for rural, semi-rural and some urban settings. Often used when an Arborvitae is too small but a height-controlled screening tree is called for.

Conical dwarf evergreen with variegated, creamy-white foliage. It makes a dense pyramid with a soft texture. Great in the landscape. Deer resistant.

Large fast growing globe shaped evergreen with dark green foliage all year. Popularly used as a hedge or border accent plant. Contrasts well with many textures. Keep sheared to control size and desired fullness. Keep moist in sunny locations.