Can I buy plants directly from Bylands?

No. Bylands is a wholesale operation that provides product to quality garden centres. Please use our "Find a Retailer" locator search to find our products or consult your local garden centre.

Where can I buy Bylands products?

Bylands products can be found at the finest retail operations throughout western Canada and the midwestern United States. To find your nearest garden centre, use our "Find a Retailer" locator found on the left side, or in the header and the footer, of this and every page.

What makes Bylands plants special?

Bylands trees and shrubs are grown from the hardiest sources available- selections from the coldest climates in Canada. Our plants are container grown and provide the consumer with an established, well-rooted plant with impressive health and vigor. Bylands history of growing quality plants, combined with modern facilities, equipment and sustainable growing practices help us to produce the best hardy plants available.

Can I special order Bylands plants?

Most retail operations take special orders and can bring in specific products from Bylands for you. To locate your nearest garden centre, use our "Find a Retailer" locator .

How do I contact Bylands?

If you have a specific question about a plant, we suggest you consult your local garden centre as these professionals have a wealth of knowledge about products in your specific area and may have specific insight into any local plant issues. We also recommend speaking to one of these professionals if you would prefer to speak to someone directly.

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