Where Your Garden Starts

Where Your Garden Starts

Shopping and buying local produce and product is a trend that has been growing feverishly across the world in the past few years. We all feel good about buying produce that is grown close to home; we feel it is fresher, tastier and in some cases, safer.  This is a trend worth investing in and is something that is worth considering when it comes to home gardening. Everyone feels good about supporting a local business; it feels really good to know that what you bought is supporting your community, and will likely be invested back in it as well. But there are several other benefits that go far beyond this when it comes to shopping local at your favourite garden shop.

Buying a plant is a green initiative to begin with; when you invest in a plant you are doing many great, environmentally friendly things like increasing air quality, improving soils and potentially lowering energy costs.  Buying a locally grown plant takes this initiative one step further; you are buying a product that has a smaller carbon footprint than one that came from a grower in another region, province, or even country. Some garden shops import product from outside regions and the product can travel thousands of miles; why not buy something that was produced closer to home? Not only is it better for the environment, it is better for your garden.

A plant that is grown close to the area that you live has a better chance of thriving once placed in your garden. It has been exposed to the environmental elements of your area and this greatly increases the potential for gardening success. Plants are like people, and they can go into shock and have a tough time when exposed to new climates.  When we take that dream winter vacation, we usually burn on the first day because our skin isn’t used to the elements. Well, plants are living organisms as well and go through similar challenges when exposed to new climates. If you live in a dry climate and buy the Anabelle Hydrangea, it would be best to try to buy one from a grower who also comes from a dry climate if possible otherwise it may experience some challenges at first, no matter how delicately you care for it.

Buying local is a great idea, but not always possible when it comes to gardening. We recommend trying to stick with garden shops that buy product from similar regions and climates. Why not support a business that buys Canadian product, instead of imported? Chances are the Canadian grown product will have a better chance of thriving than that of product grown in other countries. Not only will you feel better about supporting local business, but your garden will benefit from properly acclimatized plants. It truly is a win-win, and a trend worth investing in.

Happy Gardening!

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Guest post by Mike - Bylands Sales Manager

I am a third generation nurseryman at Bylands.  I have been involved in the nursery throughout my life and full time since 2007. As a boy, it was a tremendous playground for me to ride my bike and play throughout after schools.  Outside of work my passions are athletics. I love playing and coaching sports.