Sense of Renewal: Rebirth & a new beginning comes from my garden each season.

Sense of Renewal:  Rebirth and a newbeginning comes from my garden each season

This year presented a very long winter and one to remember, or is it more, one to try and forget. Either way I will be excited to be back working in our yard this spring in order to enjoy everything it has to offer our family. As the snow finally starts to melt, and let me tell you, it is never fast enough around our house. I slowly find things to do to keep the gardener in me occupied.

The biggest problem we have is we can never complete a task because of the trouble areas we have that are slow to melt and slow to dry out. Cleaning up branches and leaves that have fallen and completing a little light pruning gets us started.  Next power washing the house, deck and, of course, the real priority of opening the playhouse and getting it washed and swept out.  Then onto power raking the lawn and removing the old thatch, which makes the lawn, come to life. Except for those awful dog spots but I know the sooner we get some soil and grass seed down the sooner the whole lawn will be a lush green in May.

Now I must wait again, for all the perennials to break through the ground and the last of the leaf buds to start popping on the trees and shrubs. It is at this time I start feeling a sense of renewal, rebirth and a new beginning coming from my garden. Being on a pie lot I have a lot of fence to look at in the winter but with each spring day I can see less as the leaves start to fill in and hide the neighbouring houses. The sandstone boulders that were lost in the brown grass and the brown stems of the shrubs and trees are now a beautiful border showing of the colours of the newly formed plants. The final push will be planting the annual containers and putting the Peony rings and the Delphinium supports in the ground.

Rich Oke - Back Yard 2013, Calgary, Alberta
Photo Credit:  Rich Oke

Then it will be time to sit back in the new Adirondack chairs we put together and stained over the winter to be the final touch to last year's project the fire pit.  I know that the relaxing won't last long because my wife is already looking at the website for plants she just must have. My only question is will it be a Bylands plant from one of the collections they grow like Proven Winners, Endless Summer, Incredible Edibles®, First Edition or a new variety from HGTV which will be available at your local garden center this Spring. All that is left is to pick a name for our garden and wait for the congratulations from our friends and family.  We should probably also check the dates for the Calgary Horticultural Society Trade Show this year as it is always in early to mid-April and always great for new ideas.

Happy Gardening!

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Guest post by Rich - Bylands Account Representative

My personal garden is now 17 years old and most of the trees 19 years. shrubs, evergreens and perennial beds are all bordered with large sandstone boulders.  Two reasons I have had to replant each year are: Shasta Daisy was a white German Shepherd and Georgia Peach is a caramel with white and black Shepherd, Husky something cross.  My dogs are always named after plants.