Plant of the Week - September 27, 2012 Chrysanthemum

Plant of the Week Chrysanthemum


One of our favorite flowers in the fall.  Mums or Chrysanthemums make the most beautiful gift to give or as an addition to your garden.   When most perennials and annuals have stopped blooming, these plants are perfect for adding beautiful color to your late summer and fall gardens.

When choosing your Chrysanthemums from a garden center you may want to choose one where the flower buds are a little more “closed up”, that way the flowers can last a little bit longer after you bring them home.  Mums can last for months and months.  If you cut back the spent blooms and a lot of the time you can get new blooms.  The general rule of thumb is to cut back no more than one-third of the plant at a time.  If you get one as a gift plant it in the ground, as they will survive the winters.

When it starts to freeze cut them down to the ground when they turn to slime.  They like full hot sun all day.  They love a lot of water when they are in bloom but let them dry out in between waterings.

There are so many varieties of Chrysanthemums and they are all gorgeous.  They come in many shapes, colors and all types of sizes.   What they all need is a sunny location.  They are very hardy so they can handle really cold Canadian winters.

They don’t bloom until the fall making it a perfect element to rejuvenate your fall garden.  Below are 3 varieties Bylands favors to grow.

Suncatcher® Chrysanthemum
Outstanding introduction produces a sensational display of bright double yellow flowers that rejuvenate the fall garden.

Firestorm® Chrysanthemum
This lovely new variety is a cross between Morden Fiesta and Morden Canary. It produces a sensational display of pompom-like pink-mauve flowers that rebloom in fall.

Dreamweaver® Chrysanthemum
Outstanding introduction has soft mauve-coloured flowers with flared trumpet-shaped petals on the margins and an attractive yellow centre.