Plant of the Week - May 31, 2012 Ninebarks

Botanical name: Physocarpus

Most of these deciduous shrub species are native to North America.  Because of this, the common Ninebark is a versatile shrub that can handle many different types of growing conditions.  They are easily one of the best drought tolerant options out there and one of the most diverse plants for a cold hardy garden. 

You’ll know a Ninebark when you see it!  The name comes from the appearance of the bark which is flaky and peels away in many layers.  From the extreme peeling of bark; it is said the plant has nine layers of bark.

Certain varieties can be grown as a tree and work great as a hedge option as they grow aggressively enough.

You should consider using a Ninebark Physocarpus in your landscape because they are really easy to grow, can handle full sun to partial shade and are adaptable to many conditions.  With few pests the Ninebark is fairly disease resistant, although certain varieties are susceptible to powdery mildew.

The Physocarpus Ninebark will give you clusters of flowers in the summer followed by rich colorful foliage and the bark and stems will provide fantastic winter interest.

Find one of these varieties at your local garden center today.

Satin Chocolate Ninebark

An exciting new and improved Ninebark with neat, compact branching and fine, deeply cut, rich burgundy foliage.  Read more…

Summer Wine® Ninebark

An exciting new and improved Ninebark with neat compact branching and fine deeply cut, dark crimson red foliage.  Read more…

Coppertina™ Ninebark

A new hybrid between Dart's Gold and Diabolo™ Ninebark that flushes an attractive copper in spring and transforms to a rich red in summer. Read more…

Centre Glow™ Ninebark

Much like 'Diabolo' except the red colour is far brighter and new foliage emerges a glowing yellow-green. Read more…

Diabolo® Ninebark

Very hardy and easy to grow. Good border plant.  Read more…

Dart's Gold Ninebark

Compact rounded shrub with colourful attractive golden foliage. Small white clustered blossoms develop… Read more…

First Editions® Little Devil Ninebark

A great compact Ninebark, Little Devil™ has a dense, rounded habit and deep, wine-colored leaves that create a big impact in small spaces.