Plant of the Week - May 24, 2012 Heuchera Perennials

Heuchera:  An overlooked and underrated perennial.  How can bright foliage featuring spikes of dainty flowers get missed? 

Here is why you should take a second look at this perennial and spice things up in your landscape or containers all season long!

One reason why you should include Heuchera’s in your garden or containers is because they are easy to care for. They have very few pest problems and many varieties can handle full sun to full shade.

Foliage can vary widely from the ½” wide leaves to 11” wide leaves and with many colors of green, rose, yellow, orange, red, velvety purple, silver and even black. Heuchera can come with matte or glossy, hairy or smooth foliage and can have contrasting veins, which change color as the seasons turn.

“If you want foliage you get lousy flowers, if you want great flowers, you get plain green leaves.” Well with today’s breeding, you can have it all!  Talk to your local garden center expert to find out which varieties will work best in your region and your specific needs.  Find a your nearest retailer here

Watch this video to learn more about Heuchera from our very own Mike Byland.

Heuchera Perennials - 2012 Plant of the Year

Heuchera Coral Bells made Plant of the Year for 2012. Mike Byland introduces you to some of his favourite Heuchera varieties along with a new variety for 2012. Add colour to your Garden or Containers with the very versatile Heuchera Coral Bell Perennial. 


Some of the varities Bylands grows are:

Caramel Coral Bells

Scalloped leaves that emerge gold in spring, deepening to amber and peach with age. Read more...

Blackout Coral Bells

Forms a mound of attractive, glossy black lobed leaves which hold their color throughout the year.  Read more...

Green Spice Coral Bells

A top selling mounding perennial with broad dark green leaves with a silvery overlay, darker green edges and beet-red veination. Read more...

Georgia Peach Coral Bells

This variety produces huge, peach-colored leaves with a very showy white overlay. Read more...

Purple Palace Coral Bells

An excellent mounding perennial with large jagged metallic bronzy purple leaves and tall stems bearing tiny creamy pink flowers in the summer. Read more...

Obsidian Coral Bells

The large, smooth dark purple (almost black) leaves are probably the darkest form to date. Read more...

Silver Scrolls Coral Bells

This vigorous grower has rounded silver leaves with dark bronze veining deepening in colour later in the season. Read more...

Bressingham Mix Coral Bells

Adds a dainty airy atmosphere to borders, Mass Planting or in Container. A good cut flower.  Read more...

Happy Gardening!