Plant of the Week - July 19, 2012 Linden Trees

Linden Trees

Linden trees (also known as basswood or lime tree) are the most underappreciated shade tree in North America today.  They make a great addition to any landscape and we would like to point out a few reasons why.   

Linden trees are very adaptable.  Bylands grows the introductions listed below, which are perfect for our Canadian climates.  Lindens will grow slowly, taking a few years to provide shade but the results are worth the wait.  A mature Linden is a beautiful tree that produces fragrant and showy flowers.  You can actually harvest the leaves, flowers and buds to make delicious teas. 

The Linden varieties have upright growth patterns displaying a dense pyramidal shape.  Linden trees are very low maintenance and require little to no pruning but they can be sensitive to some herbicides and "weed and feed" fertilizers used within the tree root zone.  They are especially hardy and have few destructive pest related issues.  In some cases, you can even dig up an older Linden to relocate it even though their root system can spread the radius 2.5 times the height of the tree.

To see more specific information on the trees listed below click on the title of the tree to go to that product page.

Harvest Gold® Linden
An upright oval shaped linden with heart shaped green foliage that turns a brilliant golden yellow in fall. Lovely exfoliating bark, golden buds and golden yellow fall colour. Very hardy and disease resistant. Introduction was developed in Manitoba.

True North American Linden
A superior narrow form of the native North American Linden. Dark green foliage covers ascending branches all growing season. Bark on young trees is a distinctive whitish colour. Excellent choice where space is at a premium.

Dropmore Linden
Upright deciduous tree with a dense compact crown. Dark green heart shaped foliage turns yellow in fall. Hanging clusters of fragrant pale yellow blooms appear in summer. One of the hardiest of Lindens. Great specimen for the home landscape, park or street.

Greenspire® Linden
A fast growing tree with a straight trunk and a narrow oval form. Shiny dark green heart shaped foliage turns yellow in fall. Good strong branching structure. Fragrant yellow flowers in summer. Good as a street, park or lawn specimen.

Shamrock® Linden
Lovely broad conical ornamental tree with shiny dark green heart shaped foliage which becomes shades of yellow in the fall. Similar to Greenspire® with stouter branching, a more open canopy, and slightly larger foliage. Great specimen for the home landscape or park.

Corinthian® Littleleaf Linden
This compact selection features branches which are evenly spaced around the trunk making it a neat, formal looking tree. Small fragrant yellow-white flowers appear in June, forming loose drooping clusters. The glossy dark green leaves turn yellow in fall.

Redmond Linden
A stately pyramidal tree with large shiny light green heart-shaped foliage with a downy white underside to the leaves. Bright yellow fall colour. Fragrant clusters of pale yellow flowers are not very showy but very sweet. Great shade tree for the home, park, or street.