No-mow Lawns & Living Carpets

No-mow Lawns & Living Carpets

More and more people are looking into lawn alternatives. The options available today are much more realistic-looking and esthetically pleasing compared to the Astroturf of a decade ago. But what motivates people to even begin looking into lawn alternatives?

People have many reasons for choosing lawn alternatives. Many don’t want the maintenance that a lawn requires; mowing, aerating, and weeding can be time consuming and labor-intensive. Some are tired of paying high water prices to maintain their lawn and keep it green. Others are trying to become more environmentally friendly, and want to reduce their use of fertilizers and pesticides, which are commonly used to maintain a healthy yard.  And some just want a unique-looking outdoor area. The most common types of lawn alternatives include synthetic turf, gravel and rock, and living carpets. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Synthetic turf is a great alternative to lawns for those who want a low maintenance yard or who want to keep their water usage down. After installation, there is very little work required to keep the synthetic turf looking great. Although the initial costs may be higher than other lawn alternatives, the savings in water, fertilizer and upkeep make it a cost effective alternative over the long run. And for those who are concerned about the environment, you can purchase synthetic turf made from recyclable materials and recycle your synthetic turf when it’s time to replace it.

Gravel and rock is another great alternative to grass for those looking to reduce their water usage and who want a low maintenance yard. Gravel and rock landscaping is commonly referred to as desert landscaping, as it is commonly found in desert areas, such as Las Vegas, New Mexico, and Arizona. However, gravel and rock landscaping is becoming more common in many other areas due to its low cost, low maintenance and unique look. Replacing a lawn with gravel and rock is a great way to add color, texture and style to any outdoor area.

Living carpets are one of the most cost effective alternatives to lawns. A living carpet can be made up of any combination of plants, flowers and foliage, but are typically composed of low-growing, fast-spreading ground covers. Ground covers require less water than grass and are easier to maintain as it does not need to be cut or mowed. A living carpet is also a great option for those who want a personalized or unique look. A living carpet can be made with your favorite ground covers, foliage or flowers. A short, field-like look can be achieved or a taller flower meadow can be achieved.  The possibilities are endless when working with living carpets.

Whether people are looking to reduce their water usage, cut back on chemicals, or reduce the amount of time they spending tending to their lawn, lawn alternatives are a great option. And remember, any questions or region specific information can be addressed and answered by your local garden center. The associates can help guide you in the right direction and toward the best lawn alternative for you.

Happy Gardening!

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Deana Steele, Social Media Consultant

Guest post: Deana Steele - Bylands Social Media Consultant

Deana loves the Okanagan sunshine and outdoor amenities in Kelowna. She spends many hours hiking and admiring landscapes. In her small yard, she experiments converting her ornamental garden into a beautiful edible garden. Deana volunteers for the BC SPCA and her local Permaculture Gardening Club, where she shares her passion for growing organic food with her community. Her favorite plant project right now is a hardy kiwi vine which should be ready to produce delicious fruit in July 2014.