How to Build a Low Maintenance Garden

How to Build a Low Maintenance Garden lamb's ear drought tolerant

Time is valuable.  You want to make the most of it and make life as low maintenance as possible.  You want to make your landscape look good but there is already enough going on in your life that you would prefer to keep your garden simple.  Does this sound like you?  As a society we want it all; a beautiful garden that increases the value of a property that does not require constant work.

Having a beautiful garden or landscape does not need to give you a sore back; there are many different ways to create a low maintenance garden that can reflect someone who takes great pride in their property and yard.  With some diligent pre-planning, a gardener can be well on his or her way to gardening bliss without constant labour.  Here is a checklist of different aspects any gardener should consider when looking to add, adjust or completely revamp a gardening space.


The days of moving a sprinkler head around your landscape are over. Underground irrigation and the use of drip emitters can be a costly initial investment, but certainly one that is worthwhile and provides money saving in the long run. Investing in modern irrigation practices will keep your water costs down; most municipalities in western Canada are starting to be more water wise and charging residents for water use.

Timing clocks are standard with irrigation systems and they allow gardeners to utilize the best time to water (most of the time at night in the warmer months). We also highly recommend converting as much irrigation over to drip lines as possible. Drip emitters are a great asset for a gardener; they provide greater water to a focused area and help prevent foliar diseases of plants.

Landscape Fabric

Weeds are the enemy of a clean garden. No matter how much effort we make, it is nearly impossible to keep them out naturally. However, landscape fabric is a great way to reduce weeds in the garden. Placing landscape fabric in areas where mulch or rock is applied is a great way to prevent weeds. It will require some initial set up work, but it is worth it. A happy back is one that is not bent over weeding, and a happy back usually makes for a happy gardener.


There are countless low maintenance plant options for the modern garden that can bring style to any landscape type.  Search for low maintenance plants for western Canada.  We always recommend consulting your local garden centre professional at your favourite garden centre. They know what they are talking about, and are there to help a gardener of any level.

How to Build a Low Maintenance Garden Group of garden workers working in nursery

Happy Gardening!

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Guest post by Mike - Bylands Sales Manager

I am a third generation nurseryman at Bylands.  I have been involved in the nursery throughout my life and full time since 2007. As a boy, it was a tremendous playground for me to ride my bike and play throughout after schools.  Outside of work my passions are athletics. I love playing and coaching sports.