Growing an Edible Garden is Like Printing Your Own Money

vegetable edible gardening

Nowadays we are so driven by technology, to assist with getting through the busyness of the day for convenience, we barely slow down to eat properly, let alone grow a garden.  Why would anyone want to grow vegetables and fruit when it is all packaged and ready at the grocery store?  Well, why not?  Why not make it a priority to grow and harvest fresh, colorful vegetables and fruit?  Why not slow down the day to a manageable pace and lose yourself from the world and all its stress for a while?  Furthermore, why not give children the same opportunity to watch with anticipation and wonderment as seeds perform the magical changes and transform into food for your table?

There is something to be said for watching a garden grow and the miniscule effort required.  It is true, that Mother Nature can create numerous challenges when she is at play, yet comparatively speaking, there are far greater self-induced challenges we face each day. Like traffic and deadlines!  With that in mind, arriving home to walk through a garden, to pluck a few weeds and to shower water onto thirsty plants is a way to quiet the mind from the hassles of the day. There is no need to look at a watch or hold a cell phone to the ear.  This is time to relax while birds chirp, bees buzz and the breeze blows.  It’s being in nature.  It’s productive, rewarding and just plain healthy.

Besides the mental and emotional benefits, gardening is a great form of exercise.  Bending, reaching, stretching and walking are physical benefits of gardening.  Tiny seedlings need help to grow and call us from our chairs, away from televisions and computers.  You don’t need to know much more than how to read because there are no complicated instructions or rules.  Moving can be done at a leisurely pace. Weeding and watering can be done in silent refuge or shared with great conversation and good laughs and fun. With the warmth of sun on your face and soil in your hands, this is about as down to earth as you can get.

A garden can be as simple as planting tomatoes in containers or having baskets of fresh strawberries and assortments of scented herbs on balconies and decks.  There is an abundant variety of edibles available to grow.  From purple carrots to foot long green beans to white squash to black tomatoes.

Growing edible vegetables and fruits provides more than vitamins and color and taste to the dinner table.  Gardening is a form of relaxation, planning, exercise, and brings conversation, sharing, knowledge, skills and pride. Gardening is a therapeutic and rewarding activity for children and adults who are young, aged or with disability.  You don’t have to be highly educated or wealthy or live in the country.  Growing your own food is for everyone! provides videos and tips on the basics of gardening free. Check it out!  

Young mother and children in garden pose with vegetables

Happy Gardening!

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Guest post by Darlene - Bylands Account Representative

I enjoy the times I spend with family and friends and my new puppy. I love flying and taking trips to new places and old, to see the people I care for. I continue to love pruning and other aspects of gardening.