Escape In The Midst of Plants

Escape in the midst of plants

Gardens provide an escape from the busyness of life by stimulating all of our senses in countless ways and providing a welcome departure from daily stress. We can take our minds elsewhere as we relax, meditate and enjoy physical activity in the midst of plants. The nose is one of the first body parts to respond favorably to garden smells. Whether it is the savory scents of herbs such as Rosemary, Thyme, and Sage, the soothing fragrances of lavender, lilacs and roses, or the aroma of apple and other blossoms, the garden delights the nose. Bylands Nursery grows hundreds and thousands of lovely scented plants for your local garden centers. In 2014, look for such sweet scented herbs in bright pink pots with the Incredible Edibles® logo. These larger size herbs will be ready to use in your cuisine and the aromas in your garden will allow your nose escape with pleasure.

The eyes, windows to the soul, take mental pictures of colors, textures, and magnificence of many landscapes. Your yard, adorned with beautiful trees, shrubs and perennials becomes a living portrait that moves in the wind and changes with the season. Escaping into the shade of a large branching Oak or Linden tree provides instant relief from scorching summer heat. Besides that, there are hundreds of varieties of Hostas and other shade loving perennials that add appeal to those shady areas, providing color and variety. And sunny areas of gardens are easy to dress in style with appealing colors of branches, foliage and blooms to suit your outdoor decor. Your neighbors will envy and appreciate the beauty such as that of the lovely Toba Hawthorn tree. This unique and pretty tree fits easily in to the front yard with its, beautiful leaves and blossoms and bark. Eyes will escape and stare at the hundreds of pink blossoms adorning the copper branches. Gardens provide limitless opportunity to grow visually appealing gardens that reward you with beauty and change every season. For the eyes, there is nothing that quite compares and continually transforms day to day as the garden. 

Even your ears are in for a treat in the garden and able to escape from the roar and honks of traffic, the rings of cell phones and clicking of computer keyboards. Instead one can escape to the garden for harmonious sounds of nature. Gardens provide nourishment and sanction to several species of birds that sing and tweet in return. Birds flit and flutter from branch to branch, bloom to bloom giving us an escape to delightful songs in concert with bees buzzing whilst pollinating fruit and leaves rustling in the breeze. This truly is music to the ears and an escape from the loudness we experience through technology.

Last and certainly not least are the rewards of physical fitness that can be acquired in the most beautiful gym setting outdoors, in nature. With all other senses stimulated the gift of gardening is pleasurable activity that burns calories and strengthens muscles at the same time. Besides that the sun provides our bodies with much needed Vitamin D and warmth. There is nothing quite like the spa like atmosphere of a garden to provide pleasure at no extra cost. Vegetable gardening is gaining popularity again as we get back to nature and exercise. Bylands is growing crops of tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers, small fruits and large that you will find at your local garden centers. The varieties are numerous. However you want to transform your yard, whether with a vegetable garden, shady oasis, sunny landscape and/or all and more, you will certainly be able to retreat to your own sanctuary that appeals to all your senses. Escape and enjoy!

Happy Gardening!

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Guest post by Darlene - Bylands Account Representative

I love being in nature and seeing the beauty and other benefits of plants. Gardening was a must as a kid raised on a farm and something I enjoyed from a young age. It was an easy choice to pursue studies in the horticultural and floral industry. The family farm is north of Lloydminster on the Saskatchewan side and yes I am a true Rider fan. I have lived in Edmonton the past 14 or so years. Working for Bylands has kept me busy and given me the added pleasure of meeting lots of great people over the past 7 years. Outside of work I enjoy travelling and spending time with family and friends and my dog Elli.

photo credit: jacki-dee via photopin cc