Nursery Info

Bylands grows on over 400 acres in Kelowna BC

Bylands Nurseries offers one of the most diverse and complete mixes of hardy plant material available in North America. Our quality products are sold throughout Canada, the midwestern United States and Alaska.

We grow a full range of trees, shrubs, evergreens, vines, perennials, annuals and roses. Our product mix also includes several branded programs, to ensure we offer the broadest selection of cold hardy plants available. Our current branded programs include the Endless Summer Collection of hydrangeas, Easy Elegance Roses, First Editions Collection of Plants and Proven Winner Color Choice Flowering Shrubs.

Bylands encompasses 500+ acres of land and grows in excess of three million plants annually. Our products are container grown; creating a well-rooted and established plant that has impressive quality, health and vigor. 

Bylands is a leading nursery operation because of our commitment to acquiring the best technology, facilities and equipment while remaining dedicated to environmental responsibility. Along with our professional staff, Bylands ensures the best in service and product quality.

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