Are much smaller then trees but share many of the same characteristics. Shrubs are an integral part of the landscape and can provide various colours that can be enjoyed for a lifetime if treated properly. There are thousands of different sizes and varieties available. Many shrubs are commonly known for their beautiful blooms that can be enjoyed in the garden or as cut flowers. The most commonly searched plant in the world today is a shrub; the hydrangea.

Double Play® Big Bang™ spirea has the biggest, pinkest flowers of any Japanese spirea. It also offers super colourful new growth, especially when it emerges in early spring. That's what makes it a perfect Double Play! Like other Japanese spirea, it is drought tolerant, deer resistant, grows and blooms well in partial shade, and maintains a nice, neat shape without pruning. 

There are about 15 different species of lilacs found in nature, and Syringa hyacinthiflora is the queen of them all when it comes to fragrance. And that's what makes Scentara®Double Blue the most fragrant Proven Winners lilac yet! The cool purple blooms take on a blue tone in the spring sunshine, each one full of petals for a delicate seashell-like effect. This very heavy bloomer exhibits excellent disease resistant and a handsome, appealing shape that will look right at home in your landscape.

Czechmark® weigela are a new series from Proven Winners® that showcases just how much flower power this old-fashioned favorite is capable of. Selected especially for their pure, true colors and bountiful bloom set, these easy-care weigela will rake in the compliments. Czechmark Trilogy™ is an absolute dazzler that blooms in late spring with three colors at once - enjoy white, pink, and red flowers all on one plant! There aren't many other spring flowering shrubs that offer you so much color for so little effort.

Marmalade Potentilla is a compact shrub with unique, rose-like flowers in shades of orange and red. Prolific bloomer over a long season from summer to fall. 

PJM Elite Star Azalea is an evergreen that brightens shaded areas of the garden with its profusion of showy lilac pink blooms in spring. The extravagant flowers are sure to stand out when planted in mass or in mixed borders and shaded shrub margins. Its lilac pink flowers attract pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds. Remove spent flowers to promote new growth. It's foliage turns reddish purple in the cooler seasons, making this an ideal choice for livening up your garden during fall and winter.

Revolution Hydrangea not only flowers on new and old wood, making it sure to bloom for everyone, but the flowers fade to magical colour combinations of deep pink, maroon and true blue, adding green highlights as they age over a long period of time.  This is the most attractive re-blooming hydrangea ever. Not only is it a gorgeous, tough, long-lasting flower, it’s a blooming machine that is certain to please.

Everlasting Jade is as lovely in the garden as it is in a vase or as a potted plant on your brunch table. Flowers open the softest lime green and age to a saturated deep green with fire engine red tips. The parade of colors is as long lasting as the blooms and they hold their shape and form, giving the garden and your table months of joy.

Hydrangea Everlasting® Garnet has sturdy, mop head blooms on thick, upright stems that emerge bright, reddish-pink.  As the blooms mature, they change to lime green and develop pink picotee markings, but remain strong and sturdy as a cut flower. The final aging stage of this grand and stately beauty is total lime green.

Everlasting® Ocean Hydrangea has many bright pink, cupped florets making up the sturdy mop head blooms held on strong green stems. As the blooms mature, they settle into darker shade pink and develop creamy edges. The final aging stage is lime green with darker pink margins and as the blooms age, they remain strong and sturdy as a cut flower for weeks.

Everlasting® Harmony Hydrangea is a sought after selection adorned in soft pink and cream mop head blooms.  Strong, yet compact and covered with large, sturdy blooms, you’ll want to display this plant in your mixed border or foundation and then bring some blooms in everyday to enjoy their soft, feminine color as the blooms mature. In a harmonious parade of colour, the blooms first develop a deeper pink or blue tone with green edges, and then fade to a lovely, soft celery green, yet remain strong and sturdy as a cut flower for weeks.