Waking your garden up after winterRising temperatures and more sunlight signal perennial plants to wake up and resume growing in spring. You can help them recover from their winter's rest by making the flowerbed a welcoming place for healthy growth. Winter debris, including fallen leaves and dead plant material, can harbor pests and diseases.

Winter care tips for houseplants

Well, we all know what plants really like in general, don’t we?

Christmas decorations from the garden

At this time of year many of us enjoy decorating our homes for the holidays and festivities of this Christmas season. Stores and garden centers are filled with bobbles and lights and many colorful man-made decorations. However we also have the opportunity to use  items that come from nature.

All you need to know about Poinsettias (image + link)The poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) is a shrub or small tree, belonging to the spurge family and can grow up to 4 meters tall.Poinsettias are native to Mexico and Central America and it derives its common English name from Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first US Minister to Mexico, who introduced the plant into the Unit

7 Healthy steps to prune trees in winter (image + link)Many professional gardeners suggest that winter is the best time to prune deciduous trees and shrubs. These trees are the kind that shed off their leaves during the cold, snowy season.

My ten favourite flowering trees (image + link)We usually look at eye level or lower for colour in the garden, but when looking up there is a lot more to explore. All trees flower, even though the flowers are not always very showy or visible.

Pruning your Clematis (image + link)
Clematis are typically divided into three main pruning categories, but if you do not prune your Clematis at all, it will flower anyway and incorrect pruning only results in delayed flowering. Depending on the label it will say pruning group A,B,C or 1,2,3.