One of the trends that we have seen really ‘grow’ the past few years has been the use of ornamental grasses in the landscape. This is not by accident, as grasses are an excellent selection for your yard for many different reasons.

Dividing perennials and grasses (image + link)

One of the most rewarding aspects of perennial gardening is that most plants actually increase in size over the years. After time, some perennials are going to benefit from being divided and in most cases spring is a terrific time to go about this task

Shade garden combinations

Planting in shady areas of the yard may seem a bit daunting since plants usually require a certain amount of sunlight to prompt healthy growth. However, it’s far from impossible and actually very possible to create some beautiful outdoor planted shade arrangements in dappled sunlit conditions.

How to start a vegetable grarden

One of the most rewarding aspects of gardening is being able to harvest your home grown vegetables. Before this can occur, however, your vegetable garden should be well planned out in advance.