The magic of pollination (image + link)Most fruiting trees and shrubs require pollination from another tree or shrub of the same kind to set fruit. This means that an apple tree needs another variety of apple in close proximity. That can be an apple tree in a neighbor’s yard.

Keeping a garden journal

When I was growing up I always hated when my mom was right. When I got my first house and ran into some gardening problems she was right there to remind me what I was doing wrong.

2016 Gardening Trends (image + link)

Another year gone by and here we are just around the corner to spring. Some of the trends are carried forward and look like they may be here to stay:

Waking your garden up after winterRising temperatures and more sunlight signal perennial plants to wake up and resume growing in spring. You can help them recover from their winter's rest by making the flowerbed a welcoming place for healthy growth. Winter debris, including fallen leaves and dead plant material, can harbor pests and diseases.

Winter care tips for houseplants

Well, we all know what plants really like in general, don’t we?