Tips for a wonderful winter garden

Winter may not seem like the time to think about your garden, but take advantage of this break from the growing season to catch up on tasks that were put off during the rest of the year. Having the right garden layout from the get go is the most important thing, not only for the summer months when the flowers are in bloom, but also the winter as the plants start to die off; this is where you will see the bare bones of the garden and if it is not laid out properly it can look gloomy and untidy.A winter garden is one stocked with hardy plants that really add spice to your yard all year long. These are the types of plants that thrive even when it gets bitterly cold and can be eye catching when covered in snow.Just a few well-chosen plants, think winter flowers, stem colours, grasses, seed heads and structural interest, can transform your garden in winter

Key things to look out for when choosing winter plants:

  • Interesting winter flowers: Witch-hazel
  • Bright stem colour: Ivory Halo, Siberian and Kesselringii dogwood shrubs
  • Bark with interesting colours and textures: Birch and Aspen
  • Interesting seed heads in winter: Maiden and Fountain grass
  • Evergreen foliage: Yew, Mahonia, Pine, Spruce and Juniper

The word 'structure' can apply to all sorts of things in a garden. Adding wall gardens, arches, arbors, statures, hedges and raised flower beds are all great ways of adding structure to the garden. It can bethese 'hard' elements that really give the winter garden clout. You don't need them all, but take a look at your garden and consider if one of these would create some intrigue in your garden.

Happy Gardening!


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Guest post by Jodi - Bylands Account Representative


Outside of work I spend time with my family, playing golf in the beautiful Okanagan, practicing yoga and of course gardening.  I like to plant annual and perennial containers. I also plant a vegetable garden every year.