Seven waterwise tips

You can greatly reduce your water usage by implementing any or all of these 7 water-saving tips!

1 Mulch Plenty - Use 3-4" (10cm) of mulch on top of the soil to retain moisture longer and reduce the soil temperature. This reduces watering needs by up to 50%.

2 Enrich Soil with Compost – Add a 3" (7-8cm) layer of organic matter and turn it into the existing soil to increase the soil's water-holding capacity (1lb compost = approximately 40lb water retention).

Ask your local garden centre about Bylands Organic & Peat Free Multi-Purpose Compost!

3 Arrangement of Plants – Bury plants in an off-set pattern instead of straight rows. The off-set pattern groups plants closer, which provides cooling shade and reduces evaporation from the soil.

4 Water in the Morning – Water your garden between dusk to dawn, temperatures are cooler and there is less wind to evaporate the water.

5 Set up a Rain Barrel – Collect water in a rain barrel to water your plants, rather than using hose water. (Be aware of your local regulations before taking this step.)

6 Keep Weeds at Bay – Weeds compete for the water that you want to be going to garden plants. Be vigilant about plucking weeds regularly and also refer to step #1 Mulch Plenty, which reduces weeds.

7 Choose Drought Resistant Plants – Select edibles, annuals, and perennials for the garden that require less water than others and thrive in hot, dry locations. Contact the experts at your local garden centre to help select the best plants for your region or search our plant database for drought tolerant plants.


Use Raised Beds – An enclosed garden bed retains water better than open gardens.

Install Drip Irrigation – Watering with a sprinkler is not as efficient as directly watering each plant with a drip line. Drip irrigations waters near each plant's roots, rather than throwing water in their general direction.

At Bylands, we have three water collection ponds which greatly reduces our reliance on the community water supply.

We are committed to the water use education and sustainability. Bylands has partnered with Make Water Work to challenge local residents to reduce their water use.

Happy Gardening!


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 Guest post by Darren - Bylands Key Account Sales

I am originally from Edmonton but relocated to Kelowna in 2011. Most recently is was working for Danone where I was the Business Development Manager and was responsible for promotional plans, in store displays and business reviews. I studied at the University of Alberta whilst working at Greenland Garden Centre.  This sparked my interest in the horticultural industry.