Plants to fit Patone’s colour of the year

Living coral is has been named the colour of the year! For the past 20 years Patone has based the colour of the year from the current trends on fashion and the over mood of the world. The colour living coral is inspired the beauty that lies on the ocean floor. This is just one of the vibrant colours that our world forms naturally in nature. Living coral has many different energizing tones of the sunrise and sunset and can be parried with any other colour. With the living coral itself as the inspiration behind this, the colour is said to represent optimism and joyful pursuits. In addition, it has been worded that this colour allows us to embrace our need to express our playfulness.

Express our playfulness with our gardens! What a fantastic idea! Let us look at some fabulous selections that fit Patone’s colour of the year:

Oso Easy® Roses Hot Paprika and Mango Salsa
Canna Lily Toucan Coral
Daylily (re-blooming)Congo Coral and Cape Coral
Verbena Superbena Royal Peachy Keen
Super Bells Carolina
Heuchera Georgia Peach
Lupin Gallery Pink
Delphinium Coral Sunset
Peony Coral Charm
Phlox Coral Flame
Fox Glove polka dot series
Sedum Coral Carpet
Dianthus ‘Coral Reef’

These are just the tip of the iceberg of selections that will fit Patone’s colour of the year. These all can be utilized in almost every spot on our gardens. They can be added to already existing beds and or in a container. To enhance this colour even more it would look stunning if it were combined with whites and different shades of greens. Living coral is a colour that will light up any space and fill it with a calming happy energy. To accent your outdoor space even more with this colour you can plan your space to include splashes of this colour with other décor.

Bring on the positive energy with this Patone’s colour of the year Living Coral!

Happy Gardening.


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 Guest post by Jackie - Bylands Account Representative

I was born and raised in Saskatchewan. I grew up in a small town just outside of Saskatoon and have called Saskatoon home for nearly 20 years. My hobbies include gardening, landscape design, dogs, yoga and physical fitness. My husband, son and I are very passionate about nature. We spend as much time as we can in the summer up north camping, fishing, hiking and kayaking. Northern Saskatchewan is absolutely stunning, the boreal forest, wildlife and sunsets are something we can never seem to get enough of.