How to care for your Hellebore

Hellebore is an asset to any garden. Their distinctive unique beautiful blooms and their gorgeous foliage is what make Hellebore so special. Specific varieties have foliage that is evergreen all year long.

Once Hellebore is established in your garden, they require very minimum care, which is music to gardener’s ears!

If you are just bringing a Hellebore home for the first time the first thing that to do, just as in any new planting, is make the hole twice the size of the root ball.  Make sure to break up the soil surrounding the roots and water the hole before planting. Hellebores are a fussy in that they will not survive if their crown has too much soil. They are deep-rooted plants but do not survive with a crown covered on soil.  Plant your Hellebore in a full to part shaded area that has consistently moist, yet well drained soil. They will thrive with an annual application of compost, manure, leaf mold or humus as a fertilizer. Deadheading is an absolute must. This will allow your Hellebore to put more energy into blooms, leaf and root development, rather than set seed.

If you live in an area that you grow Hellebore as a perennial you will want to shear it right down to the ground in December/January to encourage heavy new growth in spring. This is also a great time to apply one of the recommended fertilizer options. Watering should cease in the hot summer months as Hellebore go dormant when the weather is hot. Do not stop water completely but hold off a few cycles while the weather is very hot. Do not let the soil dry out.

Companion plants to accent with in your garden along with Hellebore are Bleeding Hearts, Phlox, Muscari and Snow Drops. 

If you do not live in a zone that allows you to grow Hellebore as a perennial, they also thrive and look amazing in a container.  They will give joy from early spring until the first hard frost of winter. Whether it is a perennial or annual in your zone be sure to add Hellebore into your gardening life, you will not be disappointed!

Happy Gardening!


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 Guest post by Jackie - Bylands Account Representative

I was born and raised in Saskatchewan. I grew up in a small town just outside of Saskatoon and have called Saskatoon home for nearly 20 years. My hobbies include gardening, landscape design, dogs, yoga and physical fitness. My husband, son and I are very passionate about nature. We spend as much time as we can in the summer up north camping, fishing, hiking and kayaking. Northern Saskatchewan is absolutely stunning, the boreal forest, wildlife and sunsets are something we can never seem to get enough of.