2019 Gardening Trends

Horticulturists and garden gurus worldwide have made their predictions for what we will see in 2019 for hot new trends! There are endless amounts of fabulous ideas that have been tossed around for this coming season. With so many options to choose from, I chose ideas that are good for the environment, personal health and plain old fun!

Low maintenance landscape or xeriscaping has been hot on the gardening radar for the past few years now. This new way of gardening is still gaining momentum in popularity this year. The basics of xeriscaping is to plant not only for the ease of maintenance but more so for the conservation of water.  Backyards that are filled with lush green grass are going to be a memory of the past. It is a big commitment to have and keep a healthy weed free lawn. Xeriscaping is allowing folks to plant a carefree yard, while keeping the environment in mind. Using drought tolerant and native trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials along with good quality hardscaping materials will allow you to have a gorgeous space with not a lot of up keep.

Tying into to the low maintenance trend, the use of natural products in the garden is also trending high this year. Natural retaining walls or bed borders made from handpicked stones from fields is a great inexpensive way to add definition and height to beds. Along with natural stone, repurposed metals and logs are also being seen more and more. These can be DIY projects or many professional landscapers will have access to products like this as well.   

Container gardening is going to be even bigger this year. We have seen this creep in popularity over the past few years; now that more people know about it and have shared their success stories, 2019 will sure to be another container garden year! Container gardening ideas are simply endless. The rise in interest and health benefits of growing our own fruits and veggies has become very popular over the years. The price of fruits and veggies grown in our own country is getting to be outrageous and the truth is, we probably are not even buying Canadian grown produce. So let’s grow our own! You can grow in multiple containers such as old wooden barrels, homemade garden boxes made out of old pallets or a large store bought pots. Whichever you choose, you can grow pretty much anything in them. Having them contained allows you to place them where they can receive optimal sunlight, shade or shelter from the wind. It also allows you, the gardener, a lot of ease to care for them; they are up higher so you do not have to bend and kneel to weed, water, fertilize and scout for pest and disease.

Texture and foliage! Two often forgotten about considerations for plant selections. The usual mind set of spring and summer plantings colour, colour, colour. Yes, of course, colour is very important and we can achieve this with the beautiful bloom of a Hydrangea, Echinacea, Roses etc. With all the options that bring pretty blooms to our yard we have forgotten about many not so showy, but yet fabulous plants.  2019 is going to bring back not only every shade of green but also all the colours of the rainbow with brilliant foliage! There are so many great coloured and textured foliage forward plants to choose from Hostas, Ferns, Heuchera, Sage, Sedum and Grasses to name few. All of these come in a magnitude of different sizes and of course different shades of green, yellow and even purple. Many deciduous shrubs can aid your newfound foliage desire. Dogwoods, Ninebarks, Burning bush and Weigela are just a few of many that have incredible colour and some even more beautiful fall colour. Potato vine and Yuccas are two of my personal favourite annual selections. All of these do of course flower, but the foliage and texture will sure to outdo their blooms.

Bringing the inside out is a hot trend this year. With the economy not being the best, predictions are that we are going be spending more time at home in our own backyards this season, rather than vacationing elsewhere. Making a space outside for family and friends to get together comfortably or just a quiet place for self-reflection is very important.  A few key requirements: comfortable seating, shade, outdoor kitchen possibly, bird feeders, water feature and most important beautiful plants. This can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want. There will be of course elbow grease needed if you are starting from scratch. For the most part I, hope that you can make your space outside just as homey as your living room. Summer is short so we take as much advantage as we can by spending as much time as we can outside! 

Lastly, Ferns and hanging houseplants! Old school hanging plant holders such a macramé are coming back into style. They come in every size and colour imaginable. I lucked out and found some 1970’s macramé hangers at my local second hand store. Ferns are perfect houseplants to hang; this couldn’t be a better match.  There are many beautiful ferns that can be grown as houseplants; the most popular is the Boston fern.  Bostons are relativity easy to grow, key care points are indirect sunlight and always keep the soil moist, never let the soil dry out. Hanging your houseplants is a great way to have more plants if space is an issue for you, or toddlers and pets are. Having them up and out of the way is a great way to enjoy them and you are also adding a beautiful accent to your space.

These are a just a few of the hot trends for this season.  For help with plant selections for xeriscaping, fruit, veg, foliage, texture or hanging houseplants visit your favorite local garden center.

Happy planting!


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 Guest post by Jackie - Bylands Account Representative

I was born and raised in Saskatchewan. I grew up in a small town just outside of Saskatoon and have called Saskatoon home for nearly 20 years. My hobbies include gardening, landscape design, dogs, yoga and physical fitness. My husband, son and I are very passionate about nature. We spend as much time as we can in the summer up north camping, fishing, hiking and kayaking. Northern Saskatchewan is absolutely stunning, the boreal forest, wildlife and sunsets are something we can never seem to get enough of.